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Improve customer service flow and increase satisfaction

SmartWait™ is a simple solution allowing you to use an innovative alternative to conventional queuing.

Save time for your customers and serve them when they want. SmartWait ™ geolocates your store depending on the position of your customer.

With this solution, your customers know the waiting time in real time for each of your services. They may indicate the time that they want to come in and take a virtual ticket. If your customers are not available, no problem, SmartWait ™ takes care of everything: your customers can shift their arrival time, postpone or simply cancel.

SmartWait ™ is a web service that interfaces with your own mobile app or mobile site. With this innovative solution, you can also offer appointment booking to your visitors directly from your application.


  • SmartWait ™ is a module of our eSirius™, software, the most powerful software for customer flow and queues management..
  • SmartWait ™ is a web service interfacing with your mobile application or site / or a single URL to click (via QR code scanning, for example)

  • They can serve your customers via a web application usable from any device (PC, tablet or smartphone)
  • They can visualize the number of waiting customers they can serve (according to the priorities assigned)
  • They can call the "next customer in line" (customer information automatically displayed on the screen), the call is being broadcasted on the selected media (video, SMS, Smartphone, ...).


  • The managers view and analyze in real time the flow of customers (waiting visitors, estimated waiting time ...)
  • They receive alerts on exceeding thresholds and customizable analysis reports
  • They optimize staff management and plan resources based on customer flow through real-time monitoring and statistical analysis.


    Customer satisfaction

    Modern and innovative image, unique quality service



    Mobile solution available as a URL or web service


    Unique solution

    Serving customers with or without appointment (ESII patented solution)

    SmartWait-Nouvelle Techno


    Impact of communication strengthened